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Growing to Give

Why We Do What We Do

Growing Organically So We Can Give Generously

Valliwide Organic Farm is a family owned and operated business with a big dream of creating bright futures for the next generation. We donate a large percentage of our profits to charities fighting extreme poverty and to local scholarships.


Through our Partner Charity:


WHEN I GROW UP is a non-profit charity that works to give people an opportunity to help the most vulnerable in society – children, especially poor and orphaned children. Through effective global partnerships we have opened up effective channels for people in the Western world to be able to give and serve directly hundreds of hurting and helpless children around the globe who are now no longer beyond our reach.


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Through our local scholarship program:

scholarship vintage orange seal isolated on whiteWhile we see  the importance of making a global impact, we are also focused on our local community. We want to help make the dream of higher education possible for people who may see it as out of reach. Valliwide Organic Farm seeks to provide opportunities to students who might not otherwise seek out higher education. Students of migrant farm worker families that live in rural farming communities in the Central Valley are encouraged to apply.


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Would You Like To Make A Difference With Us?

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